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Turning structured and unstructured data into key assets for our clients.

What sets us apart is our unique combination and processing of data.

As trusted partner, we enable professionals and institutions to take the best investment decisions possible. Our unique approach is empowered by technology, driven by data. Building on our experience we make a meaningful difference to stay ahead of the game.

We extract data with intelligent language processing technology. We derive data data insights from structured - for example such as large price histories of stocks or financial data of your mortgage client– as well as unstructured sources – like from news and media blogs or contracts, insurance policies and official documents – leading to more efficient processes and smarter decisions.


Designed for results, tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re interested in a modular data extraction job or looking for informed decision analytics from traditional and alternative data sources. Our approach remains flexible to adopt and cater for your diverse needs.

To manage your risk, scale operations, and make more informed decisions, you need to unlock the data in your documents. Our document extraction technologies enable you to quickly extract the answers you need, so you can make faster, better decisions.

Data Extraction Services

A simple yet powerful toolbox, digesting both news analytics (i.e.sentiment) and AI based trend analytics for various assets. A smart and intuitive toolset to foster better informed and more sustainable financial decisions.


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